Top Ten Don’ts of Remodeling, Part 2

As we discussed in our last post, every homeowner contemplates remodeling projects from time to time. There might be a remodeling project you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet “pulled the trigger on.” Maybe you have in mind  a project intended to fix something you don’t like about your house or business.  Whatever the project, remodeling is common, but it is almost always very important to us. So what should you keep in mind when it comes to remodeling so that you have the best possible chance to be happy with the job before and during work? What guidelines will help ensure that the results are something you’ll enjoy for years to come? Last time, we talked about the first five “don’ts” of remodeling project. This time, we’ll cover five more.

6. Don’t always go with the low bid.
Last time we talked about the importance of keeping your budget in mind. Well, there’s such a thing as going too cheap, too. There’s an old joke about government work always going to the lowest bidder. You can’t expect great things from government when they always do things as cheaply as possible, right? Well, your remodel project should be reasonably and competitively priced… but choosing the absolute low bid might mean sacrificing quality. That sacrifice could end up costing you more money in repairs and corrections later on.

7. Don’t lose your temper.
It’s easy for tempers to get frayed when a job runs long. There are a lot of factors in any remodel project. Be patient, stay calm, and try to look at things objectively. This will ensure the best possible result for everyone involved.

8. Don’t assume.
Remember that old saying, “Trust, but verify?” When you are looking for a general contractor, you want someone who is reputable and established. A person who represents himself as a GC but who is not licensed or who lacks other necessary credentials may be able to do a fine job on your remodel… but then again, he might not. Do you want to take that risk with your time, your money, and your project? A reputable contractor will also have appropriate insurance, something you can’t afford to be without. Don’t assume. Always verify that your contractor has the necessary credentials and insurance in place.

9. Don’t be too rigid.
In any project, you may have to be flexible to a certain degree in order to bring the remodel project to completion. You may have in your mind an idea of what you want the project to be… but realities of construction logistics, time, resources, and even legal and design considerations may force your contractor to adapt your concept to reality. Be prepared to be flexible, within reason, when approaching your remodel.

10. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one involved.
When remodeling homes especially, it isn’t unusual for all parties in a family unit to have different ideas about what they want. Discuss those ideas ahead of time and make sure you, your spouse, and your other family members are on the same page. This will save time, confusion, and regret later on.

Every remodel project is different. An experienced general contractor can make all the difference. Contact me today to find out what can be done with YOUR project.

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