The Work We Do

Do you need an addition built? Do you need to renovate your bathroom, your bedroom, or your entire house? Do you want a deck, pergola, or portico constructed? Would you like a house built from the ground up? Michael Lohman General Contracting can undertake any job for you.

We do additions, renovation and restoration work, and new construction. We build pergolas, porticos, bathrooms, master baths, powder rooms, and decks, up to and including entire houses. Houses are relatively easy to build; restoration work, in which we renovate an entire house from top to bottom, from the floors to the windows, can be much more challenging. We can add space to an existing structure, expand the structure, reconfigure it, or restore a vintage structure to its original condition.

We are also specialists in creating custom mill work and cabinetry. And, we also design your outdoors with custom stonework and hardscaping.

There is very little that we and our team cannot do, including working with your architect to bring your vision to fruition. If you don’t have an architect, you can come to us for help. We do large jobs, but we also do small jobs. One of the reasons we like small projects is that they’re a way of establishing trust while building new business relationships. A client who has us renovate a bathroom today might come to us for an addition next year, and so on.

Whatever you require, Michael Lohman General Contracting can provide it -- at competitive prices, and with an eye for detail that accounts for your style and preferences. Most importantly, at Michael Lohman General Contracting, we listen. We want to hear from you and understand your needs. We’d like to build trust with you in order to establish a working relationship that, over the years, will benefit us both, and the first step toward doing that is always to fulfill your contracting needs to the best of our abilities. If a problem occurs, we’ll deal with it -- effectively and efficiently. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. If you’re not sure what to do, we’ll help you... and that is the Michael Lohman General Contracting difference.

Trust and Competence

“One of the jobs I enjoyed the most,” Michael explains, “was for a nice couple in Yardley. They were ideal clients. They were good people, very understanding, and they let me do my job without micromanaging me. It went extremely well. If a problem came up they let me handle it. If something goes wrong on a job and the home owner is screaming at me, it makes it more difficult for me to solve the issues. Just let me do my job. You hired me because of my skill level, my reputation, and my abilities. You trusted me when you hired me -- trust me now, when a problem needs to be solved. I’m not just going to walk away and leave you with a big mess. Problems come up on most every job, but when they do, I make some calls and I see to it that they get resolved. It goes back to having a team you have worked with for a long time. You understand their skill level. You trust them, and they trust you. When I call my team for help, they jump for me.”

It’s Much More Expensive Not to Hire Us

“I usually don’t get involved in projects that are fraught with problems,” Michael explains. “That’s because I’ve seen how wrong a job can go when contractors don’t communicate with each other. I looked at a job once on which the first contractor ended up in jail for stealing money from the clients. A subsequent contractor had health problems. He recommended somebody to the homeowners and, desperate, they took the recommendation. The new crew that worked on the foundation did a nice job... but they missed their mark. The new foundation was three inches higher than the floor of the house. How do you fix that? The answer is, you don’t. The framing crew came in, never checked the foundation, and framed the whole thing. Now there’s a three inch drop from one room to the other, which is a trip hazard and doesn’t meet building code. The new client had no idea what that meant. She didn’t even realize, at first, that something bad had happened.”

Hiring Michael Lohman General Contractors ensures that costly mistakes like this won’t happen. We’ll oversee every aspect of your job from start to finish, ensuring that subcontractors work together and guaranteeing the quality of the final work. It may cost a little more money to pay a general contractor than to try to do the work yourself... but ultimately, you’ll save time, money, and hassle, and you’ll be much happier with the work done.

"Saving Money" By Not Hiring a General Contractor Will Cost You More!

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