Our Story

Michael Lohman has been in the business for over thirty years. “I grew up in this business,” he explains. “My dad was a contractor and I wanted to be just like him. At 13, I started working for him on the weekends. In tenth grade I started my first year of technical school, and by the time I was a senior, I was going to school for half a day and working with my father for half a day. I learned more and more, and he started leaving me in charge on some of the jobs. My brother worked with him too and would go on to start his own business. As for me, I started Michael Lohman General Contracting in 1986 after my father retired. I’ve been working in the field ever since.”

Contracting is our livelihood. A big part of what we do, however, is simply seeing to it that a job is well done. “That,” Michael explains, “is also good for my soul. I enjoy seeing it. I enjoy seeing how the clients enjoy what they end up with. I’ve gotten a lot of repeat business over 30 years.”

Contact us for your new construction, your renovation, your addition, or your restoration work. We will oversee all aspects of the job, large or small, obtaining all necessary permits, coordinating the work of subcontractors, and making sure all the pieces come together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Our attention to detail, and the passion we bring to the table, are what makes us the best choice for a general contractor.


"Saving Money" By Not Hiring a General Contractor Will Cost You More!

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